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The Artist's Rant


18 November 2009



Outside the tiny hamlet of Rolla, in northern B.C. the Mattson family farm hosts a September long weekend jambalaya of music, art, agriculture and activism. I tripped the farm fantastic for a weekend that included exploding of a giant crucifix/oil flare, marijuana activist Mark Emery's last talk before being hauled off to an American prison, undercover agents looking for the pipeline bomber, and some great music and art. This festival is the most art-heavy festival of its kind (that I have had the pleasure of attending) and subsequently the most intimate and raw. I am going to make Sweetwater 905 an annual pilgrimage. Visit the festival's site.


10 May 2009

Roberto Bolano

I believe, in the future, there will be two kinds of people (or at least two kinds of artists); those who have read The Savage Detectives by Roberto Bolaño and those who haven’t. This book changed my life, or rather, validated my life. He proves without apology that it is better any day to be a failed artist than a successful capitalist. He states that this work “is a love letter to my generation.” And it feels just like that. All my Canadian floundering philandering friends are there, inside that window- except here they are given Spanish names, and they walk sideways at the equator. I am now devouring everything else he has written.

Democracy Now!

When you listen to the Television news do you ever get the feeling that there is something they’re not telling you? Some kind of instinctive itch that says that shit ain’t right? Democracy Now! bakes up the painful daily bread. It tastes like broken wings. They will tell you things you didn’t want to know. Psst... the bad guys are winning. You can catch it on NPR or various college radio stations, but I prefer to download the podcast, put it onto my MP3 player, and take it to the gym, where I am training for the revolution. Which, of-course, will not be televised. Visit Democracy Now!

Adrian Williams


Adrian Williams @ La Maison des Artistes.

Adrians new work is so earnest and sad and pretty. It looks like candy. You want to eat it. I lived well under the poetry line with this guy in Montreal for a few years so I can attest to the honesty he brings to his work. He really does live like that. It is not so much the way he sees life, but rather it is more the way life sees him.

Visit La Maison des artistes.

Wes Lang


Wes Lang collages are like a biker party at the O.K. Corral. It is just girls, skulls, booze and antlers wrapped up in a confederate flag. If you have a problem with that then maybe you haven't tried it. No really, if Basquiat was a cracker from Kentucky these would be his paintings. Now that I have said that maybe I like them a little less. But they are still great, still really great. See for yourself.