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Paul Zacharias, paintings, drawings, at Exhibition

Upcoming Exhibits



2012 June 08: 50 Below (with Dan Donaldson), DaDe Art & Desin Lab, Calgary, Alberta


Selected Past Exhibits


2011 REBELS, Golden City Fine Arts, Winnipeg, Manitoba

2009 View from the Bunker, Golden City Fine Art, Winnipeg, Manitoba

2006 Revelations According to Zacharias , Headquarters Gallerie, Montreal, Quebec

2005 A Good Mother Loves Her Evil Child, Gallerie Accidentale, Montreal, Quebec



2011 Post No Bills, Winnipeg, Manitoba

2009 Sweetwater 905 Festival, Rolla, British Columbia

2005 Bugs! Label Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba

2005 From > To >, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

2004 From > To >, Plug In Institute, Winnipeg, Manitoba

2003 Blister in the Sun Gallery, Neubacher, Toronto, Ontario

2002 Generation Montreal, Ville Peinture 5420 St. Laurent, Montreal, Quebec

2002 A New Plot, Espace 418 Gallery, Montreal, Quebec

2000 Paint Summit, St. Norbert Arts and Cultural, Winnipeg, Manitoba

2000 Guest Artist, Festival of the Sweetwater Moon, Rolla, British Columbia

1998 The Royal Art Lodge Doll Show, The Royal Art Lodge, Winnipeg, Manitoba