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About the Artist

Loneliness haunt these paintings. Sharply-detailed, solitary characters traverse surreal, endless landscapes. Herein resides the hunger of artists, the sex lives of revolutionaries, and the secret love and loss that travellers carry within. Zacharias paints on wood, the grain of which is a dimension onto itself. One that ebbs and flows from background to forefront, from watery skies and cavernous walls, to the texture of tools, and skin. A familiar glue binding the narratives together, as dark matter, the smoke that all things swim in.

Paul Zacharias was born and raised in Manitoba, graduated in 1998 from the University of Manitoba Fine Arts Honors program. He lived in Montreal for some years traversing the country to plant trees in British Columbia seasonally. He has exhibited across Canada and in the United States. He currently lives in Winnipeg where he also works as an artist in Film, Theatre, Ballet and the Opera.


Paul Zacharias, with Drawings and Paintings, at Exhibition

Where the body lies, there the vultures will gather
(mounted on old barn)
144 x 96 inches
acrylic on wood 2009